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Bringing teams together

When you think about Google or Pixar, what comes to mind? For many people, it’s their remarkable offices. Offices that draw in the best talent and set new levels of productivity, efficiency, collaboration and creativity. That’s what we do at Linked Projects, we help you inspire your people.

First-class fit-outs

Our fit-out process removes the unnecessary, and focuses on the exceptional to bring your office to life. We believe in smarter planning, superior workmanship and paying attention to every detail.
Step 1 – Discover
Call or email us to start up a conversation, and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your project in finer detail.
Step 2 – Plan
With your architect or our own, we’ll draft an initial proposal based on timeframes and plans. Clients love our fixed quotes.
Step 3 – Create
Once designs and budgets are complete, we can begin construction to transform your office and atmosphere.
Step 4 – Maintain
To keep your office running at its peak, our maintenance services range from general repairs to full office upgrades.

Built for you

Many commercial fit-out companies do it wrong. They overcomplicate projects and provide what we consider little support and care. As a young, passionate Brisbane based fit-out company working all across Australia, we can help you find the space, design the space, build the space and maintain it.

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