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Linking technology and teamwork

Attracting top tech talent is tough, so is retention when you’re competing with Google, Apple, and thousands of growing start-ups. Working with Technology One, we helped them build new workspaces that strengthen their brand and vision in the tech community.

The Challenge

With nine offices across Australia, two in New Zealand and over 1,000 employees globally, Technology One faced the challenge of providing workspaces that promoted productivity, efficiency and creativity.

The Approach

Knowing how the Technology One teams work across their locations was vital, for both day-to-day projects and major events like new launches. As we discovered, every location had vastly different needs.

The Result

Using 3D modelling, we worked with Technology One to create spaces that breath imagination and team collaboration, while using nooks and crannies as quiet areas. We also built the fun stuff, like basketball courts.

3D Walk Through

Visualising an office fit-out with a 3D walkthrough helps define how each area can be best utilised. Floor space, walls, lighting, stairways, storage, server rooms, all perfected before a single power tool was plugged in.

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