Commercial Fit-outs in Melbourne

Bespoke Commercial Fit-outs in Melbourne

We started our business over three years ago with a mission to provide mid to large-sized companies with bespoke, modern and high-value commercial fit-outs in Melbourne that bolster productivity, impress guests and make your workspace more economical. Below, we discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when refurbishing their offices so that you can avoid doing the same. We’ll also briefly detail some of our other highly sought-after services.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Commercial Office Fit out in Melbourne

Here are some mistakes you should be aware of before you start revamping your office:

  • Failure to plan: Planning the layout of your new office is the first and most essential step of your fit-out. Sometimes, people gloss over small details when struggling for time, but mistakes could end up delaying the completion of your project. For that reason, it’s essential to work with reputable commercial fit out companies in Melbourne that can aid every aspect of your refurbishment.
  • Inappropriate budgeting: You need to set a budget before undertaking your fit out, and you should allocate some contingency money for any unexpected problems that may arise. Fortunately, if you work with us, you can obtain a free quote before any work commences. You can also feel confident that we’re transparent with our pricing, meaning you won’t need to worry about any nasty surprises.
  • Ignoring employee requirements: While you may want to let your creative juices flow when refurbishing your office, you can’t overlook your staff needs. Similarly, you shouldn’t try to cram as many items of equipment into a small space if doing so will reduce employee productivity. The most straightforward way to design a new office is to partner with our professionals, who are up to date with the latest, most efficient and economical office plans.

Related Services We Provide to Commercial Office Refurbishment in Melbourne

Some of our most highly sought-after services include:

  • Health and medical fit-outs: We can work alongside doctors, therapists and dentists to create new rooms ranging from laboratories to surgery rooms, all while bearing in mind your hygiene and practicality requirements.
  • Childcare and early learning refurbishments: We refurbish unique spaces for kids to learn, imagine, eat, play and sleep. We highly recommend working with our professionals to revamp your childcare centre because attention to detail and in-depth industry experience is crucial. In addition to your functionality and style requirements, we bear factors in mind such as sanitation, sun protection, food prep and more.
  • IT and technology fit-outs: We can refurbish your IT space to ensure its décor attracts and retains the top talent in your industry. We’ll create a workspace that promotes communication while providing adequate comfort for people to work productively.

About Linked Projects

At Linked Projects, no fit-out requirement is beyond the capabilities of our highly trained team of designers, installers and consultants. If you want to bring your office into the 21st century, we’re the company to call. Get in touch with our professionals today – we’re happy to offer free site visits and quotations.