Height Adjustable Desk Australia

Introduce Variable Positions with a Height Adjustable Desk in Australia

Variable work positions are beneficial to employees, and you can quickly improve physical comfort with a height adjustable desk in Australia. Employees experience more ease, engagement, and an increase in productivity when they move more frequently.

Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk in Australia

There are many benefits when introducing adjustable desks to your office in Australia. The following are three key benefits.

  • Increased movement – Most people spend ten to fifteen hours sitting every day. This time includes commuting, sitting at work, meals and while watching television. At least eight hours are spent sitting at work, often with too few breaks. Introducing adjustable desks for your employees encourages them to vary their movement while working. Interchanging between a seated and standing position is beneficial for hip flexors, glute, and hamstring muscles. Hip flexor muscles are fundamental to walking, running, and jumping. Spending time standing is an opportunity for these muscles to lengthen and become stronger, promoting healthy hips and improved walking patterns. Standing also activates the glute and hamstring muscles. These muscles are necessary for daily activities such as lifting your kids or groceries. By spending time standing your glute and hamstring muscles ‘wake up’ and have an opportunity to function correctly.
  • Improved mood – Increased opportunities to move during the workday has been shown to boost employee mood and energy. Everyone feels better when they can move more during the day. This regular movement reduces boredom and increases overall staff engagement.
  • More interaction – Employees feel more included at work when they can connect with other people. Adjustable desks encourage people to spend time standing, and this leads to increased opportunity to interact. When employees are already standing, it is more efficient to walk to a peer’s desk for brief discussions, rather than spending the time crafting an email. Increased interaction fosters an environment where employees feel more connected and invested in each other.

What You Can Expect from Linked Projects Regarding Adjustable Stand Up Desk in Australia

At Linked Projects, we understand how essential employee engagement and productivity is for your business. This factor is why we recommend adjustable desks when designing fit-outs for your medical, technology, or commercial space.

  • We are a national distributor for adjustable desks. We deliver across Australia and New Zealand, so no matter where you are located, your employees can benefit from increased daily movement.
  • The desks we use in our fit-outs are high-quality and appropriate for improving physical wellbeing. Height adjustable desks are suitable for a wide variety of office environments.
  • We offer free health checks for your office, before and during the fit out process. We can arrange a visit from an Occupational Health and Safety specialist before the upgrade to ensure that ergonomics are included in the layout and design.

Why Use Linked Projects

Our experienced team works with you to ensure your workspace is comfortable, safe, and effectual. We offer fit-outs for a variety of commercial settings that will ensure employee comfort and productivity and guarantee delightful visitor experiences.

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