Smart Desks Australia

Improve Productivity and Health with Smart Desks in Australia

Have you been wondering about the benefits of smart desks in Australia – why so many companies are making the switch? There are many types of smart desks on the market now, such as those with built-in electronics, those that can connect to your Fitbit, those that go from sitting height to standing height with the flip of a switch, and much more. Imagine automated alerts that keep workers on task or accessories such as stationary bikes that keep people in shape while they work, for example. These desks can improve mood and morale in the office and even enhance the look of the workspace with their sleek aesthetics. At Linked Projects, we receive several requests for smart desks, and we’ve seen firsthand the positive effects they can have on modern offices.

Related Services We Provide to the Electric Desk

The team at Linked Projects is passionate about working with companies who are interested in attracting and retaining the best talent. Creating a unique workspace can help you reach new heights of collaboration, creativity, and efficiency. Here are a few of the services we offer in addition to electric desks.

  • Health and medical fit-outs. We help clients, such as doctors and dentists, laboratories, and holistic therapists, create healthier workspaces.
  • IT and technology fit-outs. Technology is moving fast, and your tech company must keep up. A comfortable, creative workspace can help you attract and keep the talent you need.
  • Commercial and office fit outs. We build spaces for people. Today’s companies need dynamic areas for their people to collaborate and grow, both individually and as a team.

What You Should Know about the Swedstyle Desk in Australia

Many companies are choosing Swedstyle desks for their office workers because of the multiple advantages of this new technology. Here are a few of the specific benefits.

  • Ease of use. Swedstyle desks are made with the user experience in mind. This technology is easy to understand and simple to use, resulting in higher productivity among your workers.
  • Flexibility. Standing desks were the answer to sitting all day, but standing all day has its drawbacks as well. The solution is a height-adjustable workstation that allows for the position that’s most useful at the time.
  • Adaptability. No two people are the same. When someone is allowed to sit and relax or stand and stretch their legs as needed, they’ll be happier, more comfortable, and more productive throughout the day.
  • Important features. Swedstyle desks offer a range of features including Flexlock, RFID, easy-to-use hand controllers, and an elegant, modern look.

At Linked Projects, we choose Swedstyle for a reason, and we think you’ll love it, too.

Why Trust Linked Projects Regarding Your Swedstyle Adjustable Desk in Australia

We offer our clients extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to putting together a custom, creative, collaborative workspace. Our caring team of professionals will listen to what you need and help you achieve it – and more. Contact Linked Projects today to learn more.