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Take your workstations to new heights

Adjustable "sit or stand" workstations are ideal for enhancing your employee's energy levels and improving health and happines. As the exclusive distributor of Swedstyle, a leading Swedish manufacturer, Linked Projects can provide the highest quality, most elegant and robust wokrstations available.

Higher-end workstations, higher-end work

No two employees are the same, and neither should their workstation be. By empowering your people to change their working position throughout the day, your employees naturally stay engaged and are positioned to produce their very best work.

Flexibility for your office

To accompany your new height-adjustable desks, you can choose from a range of elegant accessories like state of the art wireless charging pads, data outlets, hand controllers or app control, 4-8 power outlets pet desk. Productivity goes beyond the cubicle, and Swedstyle’s range of leading adjustable frames are ideal for conference rooms and lounge areas too.

Minimal Maintenance

With remarkable attention to detail, engineered with fewer moving parts for absolute lowest maintenance, you can keep your space and team at their peak. Backed by a 6-year warranty, Linked Projects can setup your Swedstyle workstations and offer a 6-month check and a desk restructuring service if required.

Swedstyle Products

Sit & Stand

The right frame can make a big difference to a work station. Our range comprises a wide selection of high-quality, flexible and functional frames for various types of desktop.


Good structure, good work environment. Cable holders, hand controllers or screen brackets - here is everything you need for that tidy and elegant workspace.

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